TITLE // Crystal Light Rebranding
DATE // 2007
CLIENT // Academy of Art University Coursework
Deliverables // Bottle Design, Logo Design, Poster Design, Environmental Design, Brand Extensions, Visual Standards


Identify, rebrand, and repackage an old or defunct brand, the brand in this case being the Crystal Light. While Crystal Light is not a defunct brand, the brand's image has largely been unchanged for over a decade and thus could benefit from a rebranding.


The approach taken to this project is to alter but not completely change the target audience of Crystal Light. While Crystal Light to this day remains a product that stresses the importance of health, the general view of what is considered healthy by public perception has changed quite a bit in the past decade. A healthy lifestyle in today's society is no longer limited to simply drinking the proper beverage, but also involves diet, exercise, and a general knowledge of what a healthy lifestyle is.

The Crystal Light brand originally targeted older women, as indicated by their use of older celebrity spokeswomen such as Linda Evans, Raquel Welch, and Priscilla Presley. The image of Crystal Light often reflected the lifestyle of Southern United States, with its depictions of picnics and cool glasses of Crystal Light lemonade on the front porch. This approach to marketing by the Crystal Light brand has remained largely unchanged since the inception of the brand.

In order to bring Crystal Light into the modern era, some changes must be made. To broaden the reach of the brand, the newly revised Crystal Light brand will target all women that are interested in their health regardless of their age and lifestyle. This change will involve a revision of the brand logotype as well as revisions to the brand's various types of packaging and advertising. In order to fully reflect the ideals of a healthy lifestyle in the modern era, the brand will also expand beyond that of simply bottled and powdered beverages, but also exercise equipment, energy drinks, and juice bars.