TITLE // Darkness Falls Video Game
DATE // 2005
CLIENT // Academy of Art University Coursework
Deliverables // Branding and Identity, Print Design, Poster Design


Having recently completed a Stephen King novel, I was inspired to create a video game not for children, but for a more mature audience. This inspiration lead to the writing of a short story, which eventually became the story behind the Darkness Falls video game.

The normally quiet town of Drake Falls is bustling as it hosts a 10th year reunion at the Drake Falls High School gymnasium. Dozens of former students have attended, creating an air of celebration not seen in Drake Falls in years. As the celebration roared into the night, the high school is suddenly struck by darkness. What many first thought was a power failure turned out to be something far more sinister as not just the high school, but the entire town was covered in the darkness of a lunar eclipse. Worse yet, the returning students began to slowly and mysteriously disappear as one by one they were claimed by this mysterious darkness. As the night progressed, it became clear to the remaining survivors that this was no mere eclipse, but something far more sinister. It also became apparent that their only salvation would be in the light, which they must create by whatever means necessary. As the remaining visitors huddled together in hopes of surviving until the morning the true horror of what lies in the darkness is revealed to them. Before the night is over, the truth behind the secrets of Drake Falls will be revealed.

Darkness Falls is a survivor horror game in which the player takes command of one of nine survivors in the town of Drake Falls. The goal is to ensure the survival of not only yourself, but of also of your companions. The horrors that lie in the darkness fear the light, so the only way the player will be able to survive is to find sources of light. As the night progresses, the player will uncover the secrets behind the history of Drake Falls, and must choose whether to simply survival or risk harm to himself and the others to eradicate the darkness forever.

The mood and the story of the video game dictated the design of the materials. All aspects of the artwork and design depicts the characters shrouded in darkness as they struggle to find haven in the light. This direction is not only evident in the design of the advertising, but the box art and screenshots as well.


Imagery, rendered artwork, and screenshots used in the Darkness Falls project are provided by the following video games...

Obscure by Hydravision Entertainment
Resident Evil series by Capcom Entertainment
Silent Hill series by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

All imagery used in the Darkness Falls video game project are not for profit and used purely for education purposes.