TITLE // Fast Forward Magazine
DATE // 2005
CLIENT // Academy of Art University coursework
Deliverables // Book Design, Logo Design


Design a magazine covering any topic of your choosing. This magazine should have mass market appeal and distribution. and thus should be presented as such. Content must include sections found in most magazines such as articles, interviews, and reviews.


Having just returned from a trip to Lake Tahoe in California around the time this project was presented, there was a sense of eagerness to utilize some of the photos taken during this short weekend trip in a project. Since much of the visit to Lake Tahoe involved snowboarding and skiing, it was decided that winter sports would be the central topic of the magazine.

During the planning process of the magazine the name Fast Forward was chosen for the title of the magazine, a new term utilized and coined by local snowboarders to describe someone that participated and enjoyed all types of sports and activities based around speed and risk. This not only included skiing and snowboarding but also skydiving, rock climbing, base jumping, and hang gliding. This name changed eventually changed Fast Forward from a magazine that was marketed purely towards snow sports enthusiasts to those that have an interest in all extreme sports and the "fast forward" lifestyle.

Each volume of Fast Forward concentrates on a single extreme sport, snowboarding and skiing being the topic featured in particular issue that was designed. The magazine was given an overall clean, Swiss design to reflect the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the skiing environment as well as give some flexibility of design to a magazine that switches focus every issue. The covers for the previous two volumes of Fast Forward were also designed to showcase how the covers would vary from issue to issue.