TITLE // How to Use This Paper
DATE // 2006
CLIENT // Cenveo, Inc.
Deliverables // Print Design, Illustrations


Create a project that demonstrates the capabilities of the Goss 150 non-heat web press for the Cenveo San Francisco digital foundry. The final product should demonstrate both the printing abilities of the Goss 150 along with the paper stocks that Cenveo, Inc. has to offer. The Goss 150 non-heat web press was originally created in the early 1990's and consists of a Splicer, infeed, 1 4-high with 21 1/2 inch cutoff, a vertical heat dryer, and chills, The 150 is prints is capable of a full range of colors and can automatically bind with saddle-stitching.


How to Use this Paper was developed in the Publication Narratives course in the Academy of Art University's MFA School of Graphic Design. It was produced in partnership with Cenveo San Francisco, and is designed to highlight the capabilities (and limitations) of their Goss 150 non-heatset web press.

Since the purpose of this project was to demonstrate the capabilities of the Goss 150, it felt prudent not only to demonstrate the printing abilities of the machine, but also of the material that was being printed on. How to Use This Paper was born out the concept that not only is the print quality of the Goss 150 excellent, but the quality of the paper being used was exceptional as well. This project focussed on the importance of the paper by listing a series of projects that can be done with the paper that this project is printed upon. Users are not only encouraged to read the contents of the project, but to use the project itself in a series of paper-related projects such as origami paper-folding, how to properly start a fire, cleaning up after pets, and general uses for around the house. How to User This Paper was designed with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, printed with various jokes and puns so that the reader will look upon the instructions printed within with a sense of humor.