TITLE // Mobility Magazine
DATE // 2005
CLIENT // Academy of Art University Coursework
Deliverables // Brand and Identity, Print Design, Photography


Design a magazine covering any topic of your choosing. This magazine should have mass market appeal and distribution. and thus should be presented as such. Content must include sections found in most magazines such as articles, interviews, and reviews.


The year was 2005. The love affair that the world has with Apple Computers has began to gain momentum. Apple has just recently released the first iPod Photo and excitement was building towards the release of the iPod Mini. Day by day smaller, smarter, and sexier cell phones were being released. The world collectively held its breathe for the next gadget innovation.

With this type of excitement in the air, the time felt right for a magazine dedicated to portable electronics, and thus Mobility was born. Mobility is a magazine that not only fed much needed information and upcoming releases to gadget enthusiasts, but showcased new technologies and innovations that will pave the way for the gadgets of tomorrow.