TITLE // To Be the Weed
DATE // 2006
CLIENT // Academy of Art University Coursework
Deliverables // Book Design, Illustrations


Observe and document an area in the city and create a visual record of the observations during that period. The documentation could take the form of photography or illustration and the final product must be in book form.


While many wild plants and flowers were damaged by the vandals, many of them continued to thrive and bloom despite the fact that they were coated in poison. These plants became the focal point of these observations and eventually the project itself.

The spray painted plants and flowers inspired the writing of an original story which touts the plantlife of a city as survivors that continue to thrive despite efforts by man to eliminate them in the city. The ensuing book that was created to represent this project was designed with a gritty, urban feel to it with spray paint-like illustrations printed on brown paper to reflect the challenges faced by plantlife as told by this story. To further reinforce this approach, the cover of the book was created out of an abrasive metal and then decorated in spray paint and perfume so that the reader can experience not only the sights of the illustrations and the writing, but the sensation of touch against the rough metal covers and the smells of the spray paint and perfume.