TITLE // When We Are Gone
DATE // 2006
CLIENT // Academy of Art University Coursework
Deliverables // Print Design, Photography


Create a book that tells a compelling story about your place of residence or some aspect of the area surrounding it. If there is some form of conflict in the topic that you chosen, some effort must be made to resolve that conflict.


The year was 2005. Upon first observation of these homes that were abandoned or in different stages of repair, two things came into mind. One, while they are in various states of dilapidation, many of these homes are still quite beautiful in their own rights. While perhaps not "livable" by many people's standards, there is quite a beauty to be found within the peeling paint, rusted plumbing, grafittied walls, and overgrown lawns. Two, the fact that several homes on a single street are in such states of incompletion seems to reflect a certain fickleness when it comes to our creations. One moment it is the apple of the eye of the adoring homeowner, another moment it becomes a hindrance or investment that is modified or abandoned to suit the needs of the owner.

The story that was written for this project addressed both of these issues, and serves as a documentation of what happens to the items that we held dear once we have abandoned them. Treated as a symbolic journey of love, this story tells the path that many of use take when it comes to not just the homes that we purchase, but anything that we may create. We fall in love with our purchases or creations, our love flourishes for some time, then one day we grow complacent or bored. This eventually leads to the abandonment of what we once loved.