Type Survey II Portfolio


TITLE // Type Survey II Portfolio
DATE // 2006
CLIENT // Academy of Art University coursework
Deliverables // Books Design, Book Case, Poster Design


Create a portfolio that presents all of the work completed during the course of the Type Survey II class. The final product must include a case or a component that houses all previous work as well as at least one book that chronicles the work process of the course.


The assignments and overall body of work in the Type Survey II course exuded two primary traits: historical and academic. Much of what was taught in Type Survey II had a feeling of historical importance attached to it, such as the studies of Hermann Zapt, Firmin Didot, and other such typographers of the past. The assignments also gave an overall academic feel to the course as many assignments involved studies and exercises in typography.

Approaching the design of the portfolio with the two keywords in tow, the entire portfolio was designed to reflect the feel of old academia. Two books were created to document the work completed in the course. A large portfolio case was created to house not only the books but the several posters created during the course as well. All the items created were made with exposed Davey board and designed to look like old-fashioned academic workbooks. The titles of the boooks and portfolio case were transferred onto the covers with a marker blender to simulate silkscreen printing to further enforce the feeling of history and academia.